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Personacare Health and Wellness Clinic

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of alternative medicine that identifies importance of the interrelationship between function and the structure of the body. Osteopath professionals embrace muscles, the skeleton, joints, nerves, organs and tissues and internal as a holistic unit. By using manually guided techniques such as massage and stretching osteopath can treat varies types of dysfunctions in the body. The osteopathic treatment helps patients to improve mobility, relieve pain, and restore overall health.


Unique Approach to Treatment.

An osteopath works to gently realign musculoskeletal system, investigating why there is a fault in the system framework and how it can be related to the physical problem and looking for the reasons behind it. Osteopathy is not a system of techniques. True osteopathy, as taught by Dr. Still, includes the "osteopathic thinking" to find the source of the problem, and indicates the way to unlock its own self-healing mechanisms.